To become our client you have to choose a service you need, press button «purchase» and fill in registration form.
Registration of user is completed after service is selected. At first choose a Tariff plan, press button «purchase», select subscription period, register domain and after the system will drive you to registration form.
You need to choose any sub-domain – free 3d level domain that is needed for registration. Then your domain, registered at other registrar and bounded to your hosting instead of free domain can be added (see clause 4.1)
Contact you current registrar and find out whether transfer is available. If available, you need to take Transfer-Key, which is named as Authorization key on our site. Also when transferring you have to follow steps, described below in the clause 4.4.
You have to write your current registrar an official letter on removal of ban to transfer for your domain in order to shift to other registrar. In case of refusal, you can use the clause 1.3
You need to place an order for tariff change. Press a button Change service plan on main page 

List with subscriptions will be opened by which tariff plan can be changed. Select subscription in the list by pressing to its name (for instance KZ 1). In opened list select a tariff plan you want and press a button Choose Service Plan. After it in a new window select subscription period and press button Select Period.

After period selected a window with information on your order will be opened. To place an order press button Place Order. After placing an order, contact Support service to proof order processing status. You succeeded. Now you have to pay your order and wait for activation. If there are not enough money on your balance, you have to inform our support service your order to be activated from balance.

There is no special functional. You have to order new Linux VPS, and refuse from Windows VPS. At that all Windows data will be deleted. You have to download your data to Linux again.

You follow all the steps as before via  But on the last step, you choose “I’m already a client”, enter your login and password, and order is added to existing accounting.

You have to place an order for canceling. Enter Billing section. Then go to section My subscriptions or Subscription Management Press name of Subscription plan then press button Cancel subscription in the field “Comment *” indicate the reason of canceling. Now press the button in the right bottom Cancel subscription. You are succeeded. Service promptly shifts to mode Stopped. As administrator considers your order, money for not wasted period will be returned to your balance, and service will go to status canceled /deleted.

To enter the system, you have to press button Enter in upper right corner of the site ( You will go to authorization form, where you have to enter your login and password, which you mentioned when registration
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