To start working with hosting – Select Subscription, wjere you choose subscription you need (for instance, KZ 1) and press Select. After it additional services for service control will appear.
Access to VPS is performed via Virtuozzo (VZPP) control panel, link to which is located on VPS Management page in section VPS. Also access to VPS management is available through Remote desktop (if Windows VPS) or SSH protocol (if Linux VPS)

IP-address VPS is provided on main page, and in section VPS Management. There are also necessary data (login and password).

VPS traffic statistics in Virtuozzo (VZPP) control panel in section Log (Logs) >> Traffic Logs.

Firewall management is available in Virtuozzo control panel in section Firewall (for Linux VPS). On Windows VPS is used standard OS Windows Server.

On main page, section placed domains, then add registered domain in other place. Enter domain name, select subscription, tick it – zone management.

After you have to write DNS zones. Enter the section placed domains, press to domain, and inlay DNS and DNS records. There are shall be 5 records. Two NS records are always registered. And three records of A type. If there are no such records, press button «Add new DNS record». 
Select A type. In field Domain nothing shall be registered, in the field IP-address register IP of your VPS and press button Finish. A record will be created. Then you have to create two records more. Repeat mentioned steps, but in field Domain enter www, and in second time– ftp. 3 records of A type will be created as: 
Your _domain 
ftp.your _domain 
thus you can add any necessary DNS-records for each domain.

If subscription is not stopped you have to place an order to prolongation or automatic prolongation of subscription (in this case order will be placed automatically). To activate it, you have to enter section account, subscription– button «Activate automatic renewal» After payment is made subscription will be prolonged automatically.

On main page– shift to site management 

Then,  if you have Linux hosting– enter FTP access
 If you have Windows hosting– enter web-site configuration. There you will see data (IP, login, password).

Yes, Web-statistics for hosting is located in section– shift to site management 

web-statistics Webalizer. This section provides means for web-statistics revision in other browser and web-statistics activation and deactivation.
If you need to activate it, inform us.

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