Placing of equipment in Kazakhtelecom JSC data-centers with Internet and internal corporate networks connection. On base of this service it is possible to place server and network equipment in Kazakhtelecom JSC data-centers with connection to data...
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Type of service
Connection and setup of client’s equipment
Placing of equipment of capacity not more 500 Wt for 1 U
Placing of equipment of capacity not more 500 Wt for 1 U
Our clients
Almaty, Astana
Our clients
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Our clients
Павлодар Tier III
6 000
25 000
7 000
4 000
18 000
5 600
8 400
35 000
10 000
  1. High level of reliability is secured at expense of reserved resources of power supply, network connections and conditioning.

  2. purchase of service is possible both by unit and stands as well (Rent a Rack).

  3. on base of colocation it is possible to build both active infrastructure and reserved data-center - Disaster recovery for securing corporate business needs.

  4. service is ideal for placing large web-resources, content -projects in Internet.

  5. when purchasing two or more stands (Rent a Rack service) you will get discounts.

Rent a Rack tariff plan

Rent a Rack tariff plan to Colocation service assumes payment of server stand rent in Kazakhtelecom JSC data-centers. This tariff plan is assigned for clients who want to place large quantity of equipment in data-center. Information on rates to Rent a Rack is available at Sales center managers or regional representatives of Information systems direction of Kazakhtelecom JSC.

  • 1

    Equipment of leading world manufacturers is used in data-center

  • 2

    Internet port at speed from 100 Mbit per second;

  • 3

    free internet traffic;

  • 4

    high speed access channels (VPN and transparent digital channels);

  • 5

    equipment height measuring unit: 1 U (is equal to 4,445 sm, or 1,75 inch);

  • 6

    supported РОР3 protocols of provided port: - 110 port and SMTP- 25 port, 80 port - TCP- IP;

  • 7

    bandwidth of Ethernet port: 100 Mbit/s (if official request and technical feasibility can be increased to 1 Gbit /s);

  • 8

    stands capacity: from 4 to 10 kWt.

Reasons to choose Colocation from ISD Kazakhtelecom JSC

  • secured power supply;
  • securing of necessary climate mode;
  • 24 hours monitoring and maintenance;
  • Automatic complex of gas fire exhausting;
  • 24 hours secured territory;
  • Video monitoring;
  • Secured services quality;
  • Territorial -distributed placing in data-centers (reserved data-center);
  • Division of physical access and organization procedures of access control to all premises;
  • Stands fence (on client's request).

Levels of reliability and fault resistance coefficient

Tier II. With reserved components. In DPC Tier II delay time is possible due to scheduled and out of schedule works, and emergency situations, but it is reduced thanks to one reserved unit of equipment in each system.

Tier III. With parallel repair works. Third level of reliability requires performing any scheduled activity with DPC non stop. Preventive and programmed maintenance, repair and change of components, adding or removal of components, testing is considered as scheduled works.

Extra resources Rate, 〒

One-time fee:


Additional connection of 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port of iD Host platform


Client's equipment disconnection from traffic to external resources


Reverse connection of client's equipment to traffic to external resources


Monthly fee:


Rent of additional 100 Mbit/s of Ethernet port of iD Host platform

4 000

Extra power supply socket with capacity not more 500 Watt

1 500

Additional payment for client's equipment placing of capacity more 500 Watt for each 100 Watt

1 500

Payment for each complete or incomplete hour:


Access to equipment from 09.00 to 18.00 (workdays)

1 000

Access to equipment in weekends, holidays from 18.00 to 09.00 (workdays)

4 894

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