Remote access to server equipment

Represents an instrument for remote control with work stations or servers through Internet from any corner of the world or local network

 Type of service


Server connection and setup


Monthly fee

2 000

Note: : this service is available for Astana, Almaty, Karaganda

Service «Rent of KVM-switcher» allows receiving direct access to input-output devices of server in remote by network on level of monitor, keyboard and mouse (device is connected directly to server ports). In other words you can control your server without visiting data-center, even if there is no OS installed or network interfaces fail to run.

Service allows receiving access to server on BIOS level that is actually modeling situation of direct server control.

Allows connecting up to  16 servers

Multi platform support

Events registration

Support of filtration by IP/MAC

«Hot» server connection

• Regulated video quality

32 parallel inputs to the system

Access to BIOS level

PS/2 support and USB

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