Dynamic Cloud Server

Dynamic Cloud Server – virtual dedicated server to lease in Kazakhtelecom JSC data-centers, access is organized from public Internet network. Server is configured due to your inquiry, capacity of solution can be changed at any time independently on...
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Services Rate, 〒

One-time fee:


Service activation


Connection of 100 Mbit/s of Ethernet port


Hourly fee:


Core to lease


Virtual machine core /container 1 GHz to lease


Virtual machine core /container 1 GHz (reserve) to lease


RAM to lease


1 Gb to lease 3
1 Gb (reserve) to lease 0,3

Fisk space to lease


100 Gb of disk space to lease 5
100 Gb of disk space for creating and saving of virtual machines\containers images to lease 0,5

Data backup


Daily backup 1,6
Weekly backup 0,7

Operational system use


ОS Windows 1,7
ОS Linux Free

Load balancer use 1 pcs.


When purchase of this service it is necessary in the field «Additional comments» indicate service «Dynamic Cloud Server»
  • OS Debian 6.0, Windows 2008;
  • Virtualization Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure;
  • Free configuration;
  • By hour tariffing;
  • Multi functional control panel;
  • Change of server capacity "promptly ";
  • 2 types of virtualization (virtual machines and containers);
  • Unlimited traffic

Advantages of «Dynamic Cloud Server»

   You can change server configuration at any time due to business needs and pay for used resources only: footprint, OS etc.

   You can place centralized data bases, file servers and servers that secure work of various corporate services on virtual server

   High speed data transfer channels are used for providing Dynamic Cloud Server that allow effectively working with virtual machine.

   Easy control panel will help you independently control resources in real time.

Windows or Linux operational system is diversed on each virtual server, its basic set up and appropriating of IP -address is made. Further connection to its virtual machines by means of remote desktop and using in necessary purposes is possible.

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