Virtual data center

Virtual Data Center, VDC- completely isolated cloud for placing corporate infrastructure of your company. You can diverse unlimited number of virtual servers, distribute between them resources and flexibly set up their parameters.

Extra resources

Tariff , 〒  

Service connection and setup

5 000

Registration of a block from 4-х IP-addresses

4 415

Registration of a block from 8/16/32 IP-addresses

8 831

Registration of a block from 64/128/256 IP-addresses 12 363

Monthly payment:


Virtual processor vCPU, for 1 Hhz

1 343

Virtual RAM, for 1 Gb 

5 266

Footprint, for 1 Gb


Internal data transfer network,
for 100 Mbit/sec,  by Ethernet technology

4 000

Support of a block from 4 IP-addresses

4 500

Support of a block from 8 IP-addresses

7 500

Support of a block from 16 IP-addresses

15 000

Support of a block from 32 IP-addresses

26 000

Support of a block from 64 IP-addresses

42 000

Support of a block from 128 IP-addresses

65 000

Support of a block from 256 IP-addresses

99 000

Cloud resources control is made through web-interface that allows: 

  Independently create virtual servers, when necessary;

 Change configurations of existing servers for several minutes, at that part of operations even without a stop and reload of serve;

  Control virtual machines templates and load preliminary set up images of virtual machines;

  Independently on, off, install OS and applications. These operations can be carried out in remote;

Make reserved copies and save conditions of working servers. These operations are made quickly and easily – as work with files – copying, deleting, removing;

Virtual data-center functions on base of data-center in Pavlodar, which is built due to reliability level Tier III (TIA 942, international standard of fault resistance of data processing centers)  that allows performing repair –preventive works non stop.

* connection of protected IP VPN channel.


  Fault resistance VDC infrastructure

  Kazakhtelecom JSC DPC meets reliability level TIER III (TIA-942)

  iDHost  support service 24 hours a day (24/7/365) is ready to consult on our services and provide data, necessary for solving this issue.

Scalability and economy

 No capital costs

  Static and dynamic service tariffs

  Change of service volumes and tariff rules during all life circle

  Flexible Kazakhtelecom JSC price policy

Costs forecasting

All operational costs are already included to service cost

Service cost changes if volumes are changed only

Centralized control

 Control is performed through protected web-interface

 Control with infrastructure elements from common vCloud Director console

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